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Expert Pest Control and Exterminator services in Auckland. Specialising in the management of ants, bed bugs, borer, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mice, rats, silverfish, spiders, and wasps.

Featured on TVNZ, TV3, and RNZ, our company has received multiple awards and boasts a five-star rating across over 250 Google reviews.

As we attend the NPMA  courses  (USA)  we  utilise cutting-edge products and techniques, backed by over 14+ years of New Zealand experience in the field.

Our qualifications include Pro Train’s certification in Urban Pest Management and Timber Pest Management, a Bachelor of Science with a major in Entomology from Victoria University, and Bed Bug FREE certification.

Pest Control Auckland

ACES Pest Control Auckland may be New Zealand’s pioneering emission-free pest control service.

We’ve transitioned to an electric vehicle (EV) van for operations, which emits zero carbon due to its reliance on renewable electricity.

Furthermore, all our equipment is now battery-operated, ensuring that our business operations are completely carbon emission-free.

To address carbon emissions beyond our direct control, such as those from courier services delivering our supplies, we are committed to offsetting these by planting trees.

This initiative proudly establishes ACES Pest Control as a carbon-neutral company.

In our efforts to be environmentally responsible, we also recycle all packaging materials used in our business activities.

Considering our commitment to sustainability, why not choose ACES Pest Control, a company dedicated to emission-free services?

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Experience in Pest Control

Expert experience in the field of pest control. ACES pest control has been trading since 2009 Auckland and has almost 15 years of experience exclusively in Pest Control.

Over this time we have seen and solved over 10 000 jobs. These range from standard jobs to some that are considered very difficult by senior leaders in the  industry.

Further to this Owen Stobart the Director of ACES pest control as a degree in bugs  (Entomology) from Victoria University in Wellington. So Owen knows bugs, and if he knows what’s causing the issue, he knows how to get rid of it!

Over the almost 15 years ACES pest control provided their services safely. Additionally the 15 years of experience has helped hone our skills to provide a extremely effective pest control services. This is reflected in the over 250+ 5 star Google reviews.

Further the Media contact ACES pest control on a regular basis because of this experience  and ability to provide a solution to even the most difficult pest control issue.

Expertise in Pest Control

Expertise in  pest control in Auckland. ACES pest control is considered a leading expert  in extermination in  Auckland. This is reflected by the Media, with RNZTVNZTV3NZ Herald and Stuff contacting ACES pest control to appear on their programs as an expert.

Owen Stobart the Director of ACES pest control keeps up to date by attending international conferences every 2-5 years. The last conference was the NPMA (virtual) in 2023. This allows Owen to learn from the international experts such Dr Bobby Corrigan ( Rodents) and Dr Richard Cooper ( Bedbugs).

Further,  ACES pest control is qualified with Protrain’s General Pest Control  course and Timber management course.


Authoritativeness In Pest Control

Authoritativeness in the Auckland Pest Control industry. ACES pest control is an exterminator authority. This comes from the almost 15 years of trading exclusively in Pest Control. We don’t offer other services such as cleaning or chimney sweeping or gutter clearing,  giving ACES pest control a clear focus and becoming an Authority in Pest Control Auckland.

Besides the 15 years of trading and having over 10 000 happy customers, we are able to draw on the many high quality international conferences we attend.

The 250+ google reviews with a star rating of 5, indicates we are an Authority on Pest Control Auckland.

Which means,  chances are we have seen your pest issue before. This being the case we have also safely resolved it, as with the 1000s of previous happy customers.


Trustworthiness in pest control

Trustworthiness in the Pest business.  You can trust ACES to be your exterminator, with your safety first and foremost in mind.

This is reflected in the 6 awards we have won for best pest control Auckland.

Also in the fact that all the major media outlets in New Zealand refer to ACES pest control  as an expert.

Additionally the 250+ google reviews for a rating of 5, mean that you can trust ACES pest control to resolve your issue safely and effectively.

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